We are a digital agency from Brussels. We feed on Technology. Design is the land we belong. Passion is the air we breathe.

Since we got started in 2003, we have been expanding quietly without compromising our ideal.

Our approach is based on the combination of 3 essential skills : Strategy, Creative Thinking and Technology. All 3 we constantly push towards Excellence. Doing so, Blue4You develops rich customer-tailored communication tools. Not to mention a selection of innovative in-house projects that are constantly on the move !

Our team is a unique combination of talented professionals with distinctive skills placing customers' satisfaction at the very heart of their commitment. As we deeply believe that communication is a state of mind, we endeavour to offer a fulfilling and rewarding work environment to our team. Doing so, we have gathered a great bunch of talented people whose faithfulness is equal to our customers'.

Blue4You places Ethic and Deontology at the very center of its approach.

Practically, we make sure that source codes for project tailored developments are made available to our customer. Doing so, customers get maximum autonomy for further development and maintenance of their website and dynamic tools while knowing that Blue4You staff remains available whenever needed. This commitment is further guaranteed by Blue4You subscription to the e-Tic label whose members abide by a strict framework of regulations, dealing with issues such as customers relationship, conformity of deliverables to terms of references, respect of deadlines and budget.

The combination of these values along with an utmost commitment towards customers’ satisfaction and team members fulfilment have owned Nathalie Devaux, Blue4You Managing Director, the title of 2006 Woman Business Owner of the year granted by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce.

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