Blue4You | Fine Art in Web Technologies

Why choose Blue4You ?

Our 10 Golden Rules :

  1. Pivotal role of strategy for an in-depth understanding of your goals and expectations.
  2. Multidisciplinary and constantly trained in-house team for integrated targeted communication campaigns.
  3. Reactivity and flexibility.
  4. Perfect balance between rigorous approach and creativity.
  5. High capacity for Innovation constantly put into perspective and enriched to match industry most advanced standards.
  1. Rigid quality control and project management.
  2. Respect of our commitments. Our customers are our best ambassadors !
  3. Wealth of experience over a wide range of sectors (institutional and corporate) gathered through more than 10 years in the industry.
  4. Ethic and deontology as our cornerstone.
  5. Down to earth and price-conscious approach.



R. Briggs - Communication officer

"As an English organisation based in Brussels, it was difficult to know whether to opt for a web-designer based in the UK or Belgium. Having the opportunity to meet with Blue4You face to face, with their reassuring manor that they could meet our specifications made all of the difference, the difference in languages never proving a problem. The team listened very carefully to our requirements and took time to get to know what we did. They were professional, kept us on schedule and delivered a brilliant result for us. They’re a great team to work with and created and delivered a website with everything we wanted and more."

Kapitol s.a. - Infobel

S. Sidis - Marketing manager

"Kapitol s.a. is working with Blue4You for a little more than 5 years now. One can easily guess it indicates we are satisfied about the collaboration. One of the things we appreciate with them, is that once they are working on your project, they become almost part of the company as they get very involved, argue to defend their views if not totally in accordance with ours (on aesthetic or friendly-user subjects) bringing new input and that makes one move forward. Did I mention that we are often asking them thing at the very edge off the state of "emergency" and so far... With their help we handled everything pretty well!"

Umweltbundesamt (Austria)

M. Grill - Project supervisor

"When it comes to web site design, Blue4You is the partner to choose in Brussels. From a swift project management to the creative ideas and the rigid quality management, the Federal Environment Agency Austria relishes Blue4you and its outstanding services. In addition, their expertise in working with the European Commission made us win contracts like the EMAS Helpdesk of the European Commission."

Besix R.E.D.

D. de Spirlet - Marketing manager

"With the rebranding of the Besix group, the creation of a new Besix RED website had become a central issue. Choosing Blue4You allowed us to create a new state-of-the-art corporate website. Through their enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity, Blue4You has, from the very beginning of the job, exceeded the original expectations we had."